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Anyone planning to build a new private home or commercial building can expect more than just a lot of hard work. They also face the challenge of meeting any number of individual technical and financial requirements. And these demands have increased enormously in recent years. This is particularly true in the areas of building management and electrical installation, where many different factors have to be taken into account.


Considering that most buildings are designed for use over several decades, it’s inevitable that, sooner or later, the uses to which its rooms are put will change. The obvious solution: building functions which can be adapted to the needs of the user easily and cost-effectively, without tearing open walls and laying new cables.


More comfort and convenience in their domestic and working lives. A modern electrical installation that can be operated conveniently, simply and comfortably makes living and working just that much easier.

Cost efficiency

Not only the one-off construction costs, but also the subsequent running costs are decisive in ensuring the cost efficiency of an investment of this kind. The following applies: the greater the flexibility with which building technology can react to new demands and be adapted to technical innovations, the greater its value for money. And when a growing environmental consciousness and increasing energy costs are taken into account, it is becoming ever clearer that building management must also incorporate intelligent solutions for energy efficiency as well.

Safety and security

If a building is to be as safe as possible, building technology must be able to react quickly and intelligently in critical situations, whether someone is on the premises or not. Given the extent and range of these different requirements, conventional electrical installations soon reach the limits of their capabilities. They can only do so much. As a result, adapting the use to which parts of the building are put can quickly prove costly, and coordinating the functioning of the different buildings is a major undertaking. However, all this is no reason for you to change your plans. After all, there is an intelligent alternative to the conventional solution: INSTABUS EIB. “European Installation Bus”. Or to put it another way: clever buildings.