Google Ads (SEA)

With paid advertising in search engines you can get hold of the best spots in the search results and increase their reach range, target potential customers at the right time and increase your sales rate (conversions).

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the paid advertisings that are displayed on Google and Co. in the form of links or images. The paid advertisements get the best spots in the search results.

The search engine uses various factors, including length of stay, bounce rate and conversion rate:

  • The length of stay: indicates how long a user stays on your page after finding you via a keyword. A long length of stay signals high relevance to Google and thus has a positive effect on the quality factor.
  • Bounce rate: This rate indicates whether a user looks at additional content after being redirected to your website, i.e. clicks another link on your website. If he does not do this and closes the window or uses the “Back” button, a high bounce rate results which has negative consequences for your quality factor.
  • Your page is highly relevant for Google if you achieve a conversion with a certain keyword, e.g. complete a purchase. This is the best sign for the search engine that your page delivers the best result under the relevant search term.