Online PR (Public Relations)

Press and public relations give companies the positively to make their offer known outside of advertising campaigns and support their presentation (image) in public. Through online PR, the Internet offers inexpensive opportunities to present yourself in a non-promotional form, such as blogs and forums.

The focus is on disseminating company information, information about services or a product via various online portals on the Internet. The aim is to communicate the brand identity and the corporate image to the outside world.

The goals of online PR marketing are:

  • Customer acquisition by increasing the level of awareness and perception of the company.
  • Customer loyalty by building trust, reliability. In PR marketing is feedback (comments, reviews, reputation) also an important element.
  • Information transfer on several channels, prepared as required for the different target groups. Particular attention must be paid to the selection of partners and networks. The reputation is directly linked to the seriousness of the partner.
  • Reputation management is the special challenge for those responsible for communication. Timely and regular observation of user activities, their feedback, comments, and reviews is necessary. Only then is it possible to take appropriate correction in good time.