Web design & Grafik Design

We create your modern, well-structured company website and online shop or update the current one with the best technology. The website must have a clear navigation structure. The customer should get there with 2 or 3 clicks

Would you like to create a new website or update the current one? Then you are at the right company in the right place. We offer you excellent services for your company website or online shop with a very good price-performance ratio. A modern well-structured website with clear content that meets the needs of your target group needing a professional company like 24system. Due to the different screen sizes and different end device a page must be created in a flexible, clear navigation structure with simple operating elements. The customer should get there with 2 or 3 clicks. We are always there for you and look forward to hearing from you if you would like a free consultation.

Web analysis

You have now started advertising on your website,  would you like to know how customers react and behave? The web analysis can be used to improve efficiency, increase  amount of visitors and increase sales. Web analysis (web controlling) is used to improve the efficiency and long-term success control of websites. Information is recorded during web analysis regarding visitor behavior and evaluated and calculated. This analysis can then be used to derive appropriate measures that should lead to a positive development.

The goals of web analysis are:

  • Increase visitor numbers and customer loyalty
  • Keep visitors on the website for as long as possible
  • Conversion increase
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring the success of advertising measures
  • Increase of sales